The new “Trapezium” shape segment from BV Diamond is designed for a faster, smoother cut without reducing the life of the blade. The unique shape allows the operator to cut at full speed immediately without the need for sharpening and therefore full production is achieved quicker than with normal shaped segments.

The vertical slots on both sides of the segment improves the water supply to the cutting face throughout the life of the segment and reduces “drag” whilst cutting. Contact us for more information. 

The new Trapezium Segment

About Us.....

Having over 40 years' experience working in the stone industry, B.V Diamond is a leading provider and servicer of diamond cutting tools throughout the UK.

Being ideally based to offer both same day and next day service, as well as an efficient tensioning facility and full retipping service, means you can be sure that all of your industry needs are covered.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding level of service and in-depth technical knowledge, as well as great quality products at competitive prices.

We look forward to assisting you with any future requirements.

Nationwide Re-tipping Service!

We are proud to be able to offer blade re-tipping and tensioning  anywhere in the UK.


Being equipped to provide both in-house and on-site services, means we can work to suit your needs.


All New FS Segment Range....

Developed after an intensive R&D programme, our new FS segments are designed to suit any cutting parameters and stone type.


Using only top grade natural and synthetic diamond, along with extensive bond technology, these segments ensure high quality whilst maintaining a competitive price.

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