Wire Saw Machines...

The new DAZZINI PD1500 is a mobile wire saw m/c to cut large blocks straight from the quarry.

For the full range of our quarry machines please click on the link below.




  • Hinged arch structure

  • Max block width 3.5mtr

  • 360 Degree rotation to cut in any direction

  • Protected diamond wire circuit

Circular Blades...

We stock a full range of blades suitable for cutting all natural stone.




  • Suitable for applications such as Sandstone, Granite, Slate and Marble.


  • Primary Blades 900-3500mm.


  • Secondary Blades 300-900mm.

Diamond Wire...
  • Highest quality bead technology with visible cost cutting results


  • Bead diameters from 7.8mm to 11.2mm, to suit each application.


  • We can also supply a varying bead per metre ratio, plastic or rubber moulding, with or without springs..



  • Designed to cut all types of materials on single, multi and quarry machines.


Masonry Tools...

We are able to supply masonry tools and consumables, along with a full range of CNC tools.



  • Diamond Blades 115-230mm


  • Flush cut blades available


  • Cup wheels


  • Granite & Marble core drills

Construction Products...



  • Diamond Wire


  • Core Drills & Retipping


  • Grinding Plates


  • Blades for all applications - Floor Saw, Looping, Wall Saw, Laser, Mortar Raking, Ring Saw & Pre-cut.


  • Cup Wheels


We also stock a full range of diamond tools for the construction industry.

Gang Saw Blades...

We are able to supply Gang saw and Mono Saw blades for all natural stone applications.



  • Premium steel quality

  • Higher speed performance

  • Long life expectancy

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